About Afiya Health and Dietetics Consultants

AFIYA HEALTH AND DIETETICS CONSULTANTS is a Gaborone, Botswana based nutrition and health consultancy. We offer a range of tailor made individual consultations or a unique selection of nutritional programs to suit our clients’ needs. Our strength is our experience and our passion. Our practice is ethical, scientifically based but flexible to meet your needs.

Meet Our Nutrition Consultant

Dr. Lebo loves her work as a dietitian because she is passionate about helping people restore a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. She feels privileged to have a job that allows her to make a positive difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.


Dr. Lebo, has almost twenty years in the field of health and nutrition.   She has Bachelor of Science in Dietetics Degree from Howard University, USA (2001), Master’s Degree in International Public Health Nutrition from University of Westminster, UK (2010) and a PhD Degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition from University of Kwazulu Natal, RSA (2019).  She has a passion for individual and group nutrition education, recipe development, and personal chef services. She has work experience in government referral hospitals, military and private practice clinic for more than fifteen years.

Who Are our Clients

Individuals, families, social groups, schools, private companies, food manufacturers, retail grocery shops, restaurants, military, mines, hospitals, fitness centers, sports clubs, government departments and everyone else interested in being nutritionally well!